Making a Monstrous Halloween

Making a Monstrous Halloween: Themed Parties, Activities and Events

McFarland & Co., Inc., May 2009

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“Embarking on new and exciting adventures is what makes life ghastly and great—and each adventure can lead to another and another.”




Welcome to Halloween – the greatest time of year. A time when the world turns upside down and around every corner lurks a band of zombies fresh from the grave, the Grim Reaper hosting a party from the underworld, or a hearse and rotting chauffeur escorting mortals to the House of Horrors. It’s the time of year long-anticipated for its parties and haunts, shows and scares so that when it arrives we wonder, Why can’t it last all year? Because let’s face it, celebrating Halloween for one night just doesn’t cut it.

The focus of this book is to come to the rescue. It serves to give ideas and inspiration for bringing all your passions of Halloween to life at home, at work and for play. After all, Halloween isn’t just a night—it’s a season. And here, you’ll discover an ensemble of events and activities from every corner of the grave, including yard displays, events at the office, travel ideas, party themes and much more. This collection of Halloween fun is for enthusiasts of all levels, from those just creeping out of their coffins to the ones celebrating their 60th year in the realm of shadows.

The first section, Starting the Season, helps get you ready for all the Halloween events that will be coming to your area so that you don’t miss a thing. The second section, Making the Season, focuses on a series of displays, celebrations and adventures that you can put together yourself to embrace Halloween throughout September and October. The third section, Keeping the Season, goes into a variety of ways to keep the spirit of Halloween alive in the off-season, from November through the summertime. Topics range from cemetery outings, conventions, parties, howling at the moon and explorations into the furthest haunted realms of the earth.