Monster Parties and GamesMonster Parties and Games: Fifteen Film-Based Activities

McFarland & Co., Inc., May 2009

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“Many horror and science fiction films take real world scenarios and add a daunting twist, asking that universal question, ‘What if…?'”




An invincible race of aliens invades your home town. Blood-thirsty werewolves charge through the woods. Hordes of zombies break through the windows. Demons are conjured to steal your soul. We see them in the theater and watch the marathons at home, eyes glued to the screen at midnight and a world away from our living room. And from the opening scenes to the closing credits, we become the victims, the heroes, and even the monsters themselves: running for our lives, battling the creature or stalking our prey before the final kill.

With Monster Parties and Games, you have a collection of themed games that you can make yourself for bringing your favorite films in the horror, science fiction and other dark genres to life. Long after the stories on the screen have come to their end, yours will just begin as you run, fight, dance, bleed, raise the dead and try to come out alive in each and every one.

Gaming materials include Card Game images, Ghostbusters Cases, Spell Books, Lab Sheets, Host Sheets, Character Biographies and much more!