Some new haunting travels are coming your way…

With the return of October, strange spirits cross through a hidden veil into our world. They turn up everywhere, from the Netherworld of Georgia to a Haunted Overload in New Hampshire.

Through their entrancing powers, many of us can’t help but feel a strange draw to join them.

“Driving Halloween” is a project based on doing just that. Throughout October of 2016, Chris Kullstroem led a journey to dark and enchanted realms through 13 states. We ventured to some of the biggest scare attractions in the country, and stopped at eye-catching Halloween displays in dozens of neighborhoods and business districts.

With each gateway into fabricated horror, we saw glimpses of what Halloween shows reflect about the evolution of this most beloved holiday.

Many are familiar with the history of Halloween. Centuries ago, the Celts of ancient Ireland believed that spirits could enter the world of the living in late October. Since that time, many factors have played a role in our changing beliefs, from the rise of Christianity to the skepticism of science. But shadows of the legends remain. We still dress as the dead. We continue to tell stories of sinister creatures that rise from their graves. And we gather around blazing fires to celebrate the coming months of darkness.

In addition to detailing this mystical history, our October travels included speaking with people who run, operate and act in haunted attractions. We asked about what it’s like to work in such a unique, monstrous industry, and what the public has come to expect from a nightmarish, Halloween outing.

The travels concluded on November 1st, and a new form of madness began: bringing the travels to the written page. Stay tuned for this exciting, new publication about the greatest American holiday and what it means to millions of enthusiasts out there dedicated to driving Halloween forward.

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